Weight loss Page added

EDnotfatI’ve Just added a Weight loss Page to this site, but I thought I may as well make post out of it as well.
I doubt this post will be of much interest to anyone else, but it’s here to keep me motivated to succeed, while keeping track of how I’m doing. As a Genderfluid person my aim is to be as thin and androgynous as possible, this is so I can remain fluid with my looks. There are so many great outfits and costumes that I want to wear, In truth I’m about a thousand sizes to big right now for all of them 🙂  You can view the stuff I love on my Pinterest page.

General health and diet
I have been overweight for a long time probably since around 1996, before that I was always very skinny. Fortunately I have always remained active and I carry my weight well (in clothes anyway). Despite my size I am relatively fit for my age, I’ve never ever smoked (no not even a puff) and I didn’t really start drinking alcohol till I was about 27. I decided to become a vegetarian 14 years ago, on 1st January 2018 I also cut out dairy and eggs for all intents and purposes I’m now Vegan. Personally I never found giving up meat hard and seldom if ever crave it. Likewise giving up milk cheese and eggs has not really been an issue. I eat a vegan diet now not just for health reasons, but also because I live in rural Scotland and see the life farm animals live. That said If people must eat meat and dairy, I recommend they eat UK sourced products, as I would hate to think what animal welfare is like in countries that don’t even have our ‘standards of animal care’.

In January I also started the the 5:2 fast diet which really isn’t a diet to loose weight as such, more a way of life, I concluded years ago diets don’t work, however after doing my research I believe that fasting does have positive health benefits. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays, on the 5:2 fast diet you still get to eat 500 calories on fast days. During the rest of the week I will eat normally. I won’t go into all the possible advantages of fasting here other than to say if even half of it is true I owe my body a chance to heal and repair from years of poor eating. View about the 5:2 fast diet here.

Drinking plain water is the key to success in all health and fitness lifestyles, I’m convinced most of us are actually dehydrated rather than hungry most of the time. While I understand many people would join a health club or start cycling or running to lose weight. I will not be doing this, I personally believe people often put to much of a strain on their bodies. It is simply my personal view that over exertion especially later in life can be very dangerous, I know a number of people who have started a new fitness lifestyle and ended up in hospital with broken bones, strokes and heart attacks. While everyone always says they will take it easy, most of us secretly believe we are superhuman. For me the best and most natural fitness is just to walk everyday, the human body was only designed to run for short distances to hunt or escape being hunted. I’m a big fan of dynamic tension, so everyday I do a small number of stretching/flexing and tension movements, this and moisturising with cocoa butter seems to help keep the dreaded stretch marks at bay. I think everyone is responsible for their own health, my personal life experience has made it impossible to trust doctors and the NHS, so prevention in my eyes is the best and only real option.

Below: I will update my weights and measurements every month, my weight will be updated on the 1st, measurements on the 28th. I see little point in measuring any more, as I find it can become counter productive, especially if things are not going as you hoped. FYI I’m 5’11 (out of heels lol)

Jan 1 2018 –  19.84 stone / 277.76 pounds 
Feb 1 2018 –  18.84 stone / 263.76 pounds

Jan 28th 2018
Stomach at belly button: 50’’/127cm   Thigh: 27’’/68.58cm  Neck: 16 1/2’’ / 41.91cm