Hair removal day / The No!No!

It’s hair removal day (again).
From body builders to self proclaimed femboys , athletes to drag queens one of the most physically and mentally irritating tasks we all have to undertake is body hair removal. If money and time are no object then professional electrolysis is without a doubt the best option for those of us that hate the sight of hair. While by no means as permanent laser hair removal comes a close second. For me at this time neither option is within my budget. So for those of us that are to broke or simply too embarrassed to get our hair professionally removed our options are not great. Many people just bite the bullet and shave themselves down with a razor or go the cream or waxing route. Personally I was lucky enough to be given a NO!NO!, by a friend who didn’t really think very much of it.

I’m sure anyone who has ever watched an infomercial channel will be aware of the NO! NO! Hair removal tool, if you google it you will find a mixed bag of reviews about it, but for now the No!No! like ben Kenobi for Leia is my only hope.


Luckily for some reason I grow little to no hair on my legs, and compared to most ‘real’ men I’m really not very hairy at all. In fact it takes me almost 2 days to get what most would call a five o’clock shadow . However I do have body hair and frankly I hate it. In the past I would just shave myself down with a razor or electric shaver, neither option were great for me, as I have very sensitive skin that breaks out. No matter what I tried to aid the shaving and healing I still got ingrown hairs, lumps bumps and all the stuff you just don’t need. My skin has always been like a rare orchid lol, so if I was ever to be a beautiful hairless creature shaving was not going to get me there.

So Then I was given this NO!NO! Hair reduction device, Now let’s face it, for most people this thing is not cheap and I guess if I had paid the asking price I would be rather underwhelmed, even pissed off by how it performs. As I didn’t I find it OK and for me it’s a good option. I have no clue what version this is I’m using, but I think it must be at least 3 years old. So how this performs compared to the newest models I can’t say. So how does it perform Exhumea? I hear you all screaming. Well first this is not the kind of device you can get the hang of in 10 minutes, nor is it going to remove all your hair like a razor in seconds. This thing requires a skill to achieve the right angle, pressure and speed, even when you have it’s still slow going. It does remove hair and it doesn’t have for me any adverse skin reactions, ok if you go over the same area in one sitting it gets red but not sore and it doesn’t last. The No!No! Basically burns your hair off with a very low current, it doesn’t smell very pleasant another reason a lot of people don’t like it. Over the two months I’ve been using it, it is my perception the amount of hair that is growing back is reduced, but I can’t scientifically prove it.

So would I recommend this product ? Well it really depends on your level of patience and desire to be hairless. If £200 doesn’t seem like a lot of money and you have the cash then give it a go, if your going to put it on a credit card or go without food then I would recommend you do a lot more research before parting with your cash.

One thing I can’t remove with the No!No! are those odd hairs that randomly grow on the back of my fingers (see image) these drive me crazy. I have to resort to a good old pair of tweezers and pluck them mother cluckers out. Next month I will be buying a home waxing kit so I will let you know how I get on with that and if I prefer it .

Pluck those Wee Beasties

No matter what your reason for banishing hair from your body I think we can all agree sadly for now science and technology still has a lot of work to do in this area.

Finally I have no affiliation with the company that makes the No!No!