My use of Genderqueer / Genderfluid

This is just a very quick post to clarify that I use both the term GenderQueer and Genderfluid across this site to describe myself . They both work for me. I like GenderQueer more as it doesn’t sound so gooey lol. Personally I’m in constant flux when it comes to how I express my gender, This is always the case no matter what I may look like on the outside. Yes I can look like a boring old man and be thinking about nail varnish colours or I could look like a fem cyberfreak and be thinking about how I screwed up that last mortise and tenon joint (it’s sloppy trust me). It’s confusing and exhausting much like bipolar but it’s who I am, I’ve made peace with it even if most of the world simply doesn’t’ get it.

gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and shifts over time or depending on the situation.”

gender identity that is other than male or female, is a combination of the two genders, or is on a continuum between the two genders

I don’t think any of the above contradicts anything I have written across this site, but if you find it does, I’ll  just deny it and blame a glitch in the Matrix 🙂