About Exhumea Deadheart

Just the facts:-
Exhumea is a real person.  Exhumea is me.  Sure the name may not be the one I use on a everyday basis, but everything I express is 100% my truth.

I was born in the late 1960’s in a leafy suburb in England (So yes, I am well old!!!) I now reside in Scotland. At a very young age, I learned that being different was not a good thing and thus I hated school, making that time very difficult. I endured the usual years of bullying, loneliness, fear and loathing, etc.
I left formal education at 16 and never looked back or regretted that decision.

In the early 90’s I got married. And despite all the twists and turns of life, we are still together. This is probably down to the fact that my wife and I don’t keep secrets from each other.  So yes she knows everything there is to know about me.  My wife has the ‘proper job’, and I stay at home doing all the things she hates or can’t:  cooking, cleaning, gardening and DIY. This arrangement has worked for us for almost 18 years.  Before that we both had ‘proper jobs’. The only problem was that we hardly ever saw each other.  And whilst I hated my job, she loved hers. Society believes that people who stay at home just sit and drink coffee watching crap daytime TV.  Personally I don’t do either. When all my daily tasks are completed, I am to be found in the garden (weather permitting) or building something. I have over the years made some money as an artist and photographer which I still do when the mood takes me.

The Fem inside
Over the years I have tried to keep my feminine side hidden, but there have been occasions when I was seriously set on becoming a woman. Keeping the girl in me a secret has brought me many years of great pain and confusion. I have always loved beauty, colours, makeup and fashion and to this day I have very little if anything in common with ‘real men’.  

How the GenderQueer me is breaking out
While I may never be a woman or even pass as one, I can be something else. Something else which makes much more sense than trying to convert this monkey into a unicorn. I can be both.  Now before you start rolling your eyes, I must underline what I mean. Being GenderQueer for me has nothing to do with SEX, It has everything to do with thoughts, feelings and looks. Over the past months I have awoken to the fact that I can let my female side show. I am not a woman on the outside and I am not a man on the inside,  but I can create my own unique look. Everyone is different and I would be foolish to assume what works for one another will work for another. To me being gender fluid is me waking up to the realisation I am whom am, and not to be afraid or hide away anymore.

The purpose of this site
I am using this site as a tool to explain how I feel about my gender and document what I discover whilst creating a skin I’m comfortable in. Topics will include: weight loss, skin care, make-up, fashion and gender, as well as a host of non related stuff that I find fascinating. In time, once I’ve perfected my look, I hope to be brave enough to start doing a Vlog on youtube as I fully understand we live in a time where many would rather watch than read.

Take care
Exhumea Deadheart