Rupaul’s Drag Race Changed My Life

Like many people around the world I love Rupaul’s Drag Race, in my case It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this fun/crazy reality program totally changed my life, if not saved it completely. I’m embarrassed to say I only discovered the program on Netflix late last year, Yes WTF took me so long? Well good question, but I believe things and people much like wizards (LOTR reference) arrive exactly when they are meant to.

Pre drag Race, I was lost in a deep depression of self hate and loathing, I felt the sands of time had run out on my life. I believed every day was going to be just more of the same dull boring routine, breakfast, lunch, housework, dinner an evening of disempowering TV and then a sleepless night of regret. I had welcomed becoming 40, but before I could even get in the swing of it I found myself 51 and that really sucked.

Everyone I knew looked like me, bored out of their frigging minds. They ‘lived’ for the grandchildren visiting, day trips to the garden centre or pointless box ticking cruises in the sun. Sure there were still some old farts rocking out on booze and drugs in a vain attempt to escape their dull magnolia lives. They thought they were having fun, but I knew their self medication was only ever a Snoopy Band-Aid on a festering stump of disillusion and despair.

Then one day I clicked on drag Race and my poor deadheart skipped a beat. Almost instantly I imagined Rupaul was speaking to me  ‘So Bitch are you going to start living your truth? Or simply sashay to your grave?’.
‘ No Ru I’m going to Exhume this dead old heart and live whatever time I have left as I want, as I really, really want 🙂 my soul cried out.

The change was profound, I stopped taking my prescribed medications that were doing nothing but keeping me anaesthetised to the fact I was not living as my unique self. I went vegan and started the 5:2 diet.  I’m Just a few months down this long new and exciting road, I feel great and more importantly I feel truly happy and inspired. I actually have something to look forward to. At 51 I feel like a teenager again, I have a whole host of new things to try and do, from making wigs, to waxing my body, to growing my nails, writing this blog to finally starting to create that podcasts I’ve been putting off for years. I was becoming Exhumea Deadheart maybe decades later than I should, but never mind it was finally happening.

While I know Exhumea has always been inside of me, it was Drag Race that finally gave me the courage to wake her up and give her life.

Below are some of the Drag queens whose looks and attitudes have inspired me the most.

Violet Chachki


Vist to find out more

Manila Luzon

The AAA Girls  Alaska, Willam and Courtney Act


Hair removal day / The No!No!

It’s hair removal day (again).
From body builders to self proclaimed femboys , athletes to drag queens one of the most physically and mentally irritating tasks we all have to undertake is body hair removal. If money and time are no object then professional electrolysis is without a doubt the best option for those of us that hate the sight of hair. While by no means as permanent laser hair removal comes a close second. For me at this time neither option is within my budget. So for those of us that are to broke or simply too embarrassed to get our hair professionally removed our options are not great. Many people just bite the bullet and shave themselves down with a razor or go the cream or waxing route. Personally I was lucky enough to be given a NO!NO!, by a friend who didn’t really think very much of it.

I’m sure anyone who has ever watched an infomercial channel will be aware of the NO! NO! Hair removal tool, if you google it you will find a mixed bag of reviews about it, but for now the No!No! like ben Kenobi for Leia is my only hope.


Luckily for some reason I grow little to no hair on my legs, and compared to most ‘real’ men I’m really not very hairy at all. In fact it takes me almost 2 days to get what most would call a five o’clock shadow . However I do have body hair and frankly I hate it. In the past I would just shave myself down with a razor or electric shaver, neither option were great for me, as I have very sensitive skin that breaks out. No matter what I tried to aid the shaving and healing I still got ingrown hairs, lumps bumps and all the stuff you just don’t need. My skin has always been like a rare orchid lol, so if I was ever to be a beautiful hairless creature shaving was not going to get me there.

So Then I was given this NO!NO! Hair reduction device, Now let’s face it, for most people this thing is not cheap and I guess if I had paid the asking price I would be rather underwhelmed, even pissed off by how it performs. As I didn’t I find it OK and for me it’s a good option. I have no clue what version this is I’m using, but I think it must be at least 3 years old. So how this performs compared to the newest models I can’t say. So how does it perform Exhumea? I hear you all screaming. Well first this is not the kind of device you can get the hang of in 10 minutes, nor is it going to remove all your hair like a razor in seconds. This thing requires a skill to achieve the right angle, pressure and speed, even when you have it’s still slow going. It does remove hair and it doesn’t have for me any adverse skin reactions, ok if you go over the same area in one sitting it gets red but not sore and it doesn’t last. The No!No! Basically burns your hair off with a very low current, it doesn’t smell very pleasant another reason a lot of people don’t like it. Over the two months I’ve been using it, it is my perception the amount of hair that is growing back is reduced, but I can’t scientifically prove it.

So would I recommend this product ? Well it really depends on your level of patience and desire to be hairless. If £200 doesn’t seem like a lot of money and you have the cash then give it a go, if your going to put it on a credit card or go without food then I would recommend you do a lot more research before parting with your cash.

One thing I can’t remove with the No!No! are those odd hairs that randomly grow on the back of my fingers (see image) these drive me crazy. I have to resort to a good old pair of tweezers and pluck them mother cluckers out. Next month I will be buying a home waxing kit so I will let you know how I get on with that and if I prefer it .


Pluck those Wee Beasties

No matter what your reason for banishing hair from your body I think we can all agree sadly for now science and technology still has a lot of work to do in this area.

Finally I have no affiliation with the company that makes the No!No! 


Valentines day

Valentines day can be the most wonderful or painful day of the year. Personally I didn’t get a valentines card until I was about 24, so I had many years of knowing Charlie Brown’s pain.
I pity the younger me now as I do all of those that believe that finding that ‘perfect’ person will somehow solve all their problems, it seldom does. The truth is we really do need to know who we are and yes even love ourselves before we can ever hope to be of any use to someone else. Love requires total openness and honesty to succeed and unless you can look in the mirror and know who you truly are, warts and all, it will probably fail. If you are happy to lie to yourself you will in turn lie to everyone you meet and claim to love, which is a recipe for a disaster.

‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’

I think the quote above should be the first thing every school should teach every pupil. It truly would be far more useful to the world than learning how to count or read.




My Femininity

As usual this post is simply my opinion. So what you read below is only applicable to me, If you agree with what I say great, if not please read this part again… 🙂

Our true feelings and emotions are usually lost as soon as we try to translate them into words. Likewise even the words are often easily misunderstood. Take femininity, it can be expressed in a multitude of ways. The mind conjures up a host of looks and emotions when you hear the word, so in truth how can one word ever hope to convey all of that. A majority of women around the world would identify as being feminine, but I suggest it would be very hard for them to reach a consensus on what being feminine actually means or looks like.

Sure I’m not a woman and I’m not trying to be, but that doesn’t stop me possessing bags of feminine energy. It has burst forth all my life, even when I was trying to be a “normal’ man. Now I openly identify with being genderqueer, the fem side of me is taking over everything, no doubt in a attempt to make up for the time my poor deadheart has been incarcerated within a lie.

For me my feminine side is expressed in all aspects of my life from the way I hold a cup, talk, walk, dress even sleep. It comes from within and is unknowingly based on all the women I have ever witnessed in the real world and even those portrayed in film and TV. What it means to be feminine comes in through all my senses, it’s fermented in the brain and then expressed in my own unique way.

I am not trying to look like a ‘typical’ woman whatever that means, I’m dressing up as Exhumea who may or may not be wearing things people typically associate with women. The difference is subtle but very important, at least to me.  I have always loved the look of high heeled Victorian lace up boots. Sadly very few women wear them nowadays and you certainly see even fewer men wearing them :), So when I put a pair on society straightway wrongly or rightly sees me as trying to be a woman (and failing) when in truth I’m just trying to be me.

I have spoken in previous blogs about my weight loss being about becoming more androgynous. However I am not gender neutral, I am genderfluid. I do somethings that are seen as ‘typically’ female and some that are ‘typically’ male. A few things I do that society would label as feminine: grow my nails long and paint them, pluck my eyebrows, do everything to make my eyelashes look naturally longer. (Castor oil seems to work for me). Everyday, twice a day I cream every part 😉 of my body, and finally I de-hair my body twice a week with a NoNo (it does work it just takes forever but that’s another post.)

But I am veering off topic. The upshot is all the stuff that may look to everyone else as some bloke trying to look like a woman, is done from a need to express the true me in that moment.  It is not done for a sexual high or to trap men into thinking I am hot stuff (that was written with tongue firmly tucked in cheek) as you have to be very drunk or short sighted to think I was ever ‘hot stuff’ in any form.

Sure some men and women may get turned on by crossdressing and that’s fine, for many it is just a fetish, but that’s not me. When I put a pair Victorian boots on I don’t suddenly become aroused, I don’t sit fantasizing about wearing the boots. I love that style and when I’m expressing by feminine side to the world that is what I wear.

So in summary, I do what I feel when I need to express my innermost feelings. The more liberated I feel the more I tend to express my feminine energy. It has been suppressed for so many years it feels exhilarating to be out and free. Having said that it also can feel very confusing even frightening and lonely. Like it or not being feminine as a man is still a long way from being considered ‘normal’ or acceptable. despite what they may have you believe on the TV.


My use of Genderqueer / Genderfluid

This is just a very quick post to clarify that I use both the term GenderQueer and Genderfluid across this site to describe myself . They both work for me. I like GenderQueer more as it doesn’t sound so gooey lol. Personally I’m in constant flux when it comes to how I express my gender, This is always the case no matter what I may look like on the outside. Yes I can look like a boring old man and be thinking about nail varnish colours or I could look like a fem cyberfreak and be thinking about how I screwed up that last mortise and tenon joint (it’s sloppy trust me). It’s confusing and exhausting much like bipolar but it’s who I am, I’ve made peace with it even if most of the world simply doesn’t’ get it.

gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and shifts over time or depending on the situation.”

gender identity that is other than male or female, is a combination of the two genders, or is on a continuum between the two genders

I don’t think any of the above contradicts anything I have written across this site, but if you find it does, I’ll  just deny it and blame a glitch in the Matrix 🙂


Weight loss Page added

EDnotfatI’ve Just added a Weight loss Page to this site, but I thought I may as well make post out of it as well.
I doubt this post will be of much interest to anyone else, but it’s here to keep me motivated to succeed, while keeping track of how I’m doing. As a Genderfluid person my aim is to be as thin and androgynous as possible, this is so I can remain fluid with my looks. There are so many great outfits and costumes that I want to wear, In truth I’m about a thousand sizes to big right now for all of them 🙂  You can view the stuff I love on my Pinterest page.

General health and diet
I have been overweight for a long time probably since around 1996, before that I was always very skinny. Fortunately I have always remained active and I carry my weight well (in clothes anyway). Despite my size I am relatively fit for my age, I’ve never ever smoked (no not even a puff) and I didn’t really start drinking alcohol till I was about 27. I decided to become a vegetarian 14 years ago, on 1st January 2018 I also cut out dairy and eggs for all intents and purposes I’m now Vegan. Personally I never found giving up meat hard and seldom if ever crave it. Likewise giving up milk cheese and eggs has not really been an issue. I eat a vegan diet now not just for health reasons, but also because I live in rural Scotland and see the life farm animals live. That said If people must eat meat and dairy, I recommend they eat UK sourced products, as I would hate to think what animal welfare is like in countries that don’t even have our ‘standards of animal care’.

In January I also started the the 5:2 fast diet which really isn’t a diet to loose weight as such, more a way of life, I concluded years ago diets don’t work, however after doing my research I believe that fasting does have positive health benefits. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays, on the 5:2 fast diet you still get to eat 500 calories on fast days. During the rest of the week I will eat normally. I won’t go into all the possible advantages of fasting here other than to say if even half of it is true I owe my body a chance to heal and repair from years of poor eating. View about the 5:2 fast diet here.

Drinking plain water is the key to success in all health and fitness lifestyles, I’m convinced most of us are actually dehydrated rather than hungry most of the time. While I understand many people would join a health club or start cycling or running to lose weight. I will not be doing this, I personally believe people often put to much of a strain on their bodies. It is simply my personal view that over exertion especially later in life can be very dangerous, I know a number of people who have started a new fitness lifestyle and ended up in hospital with broken bones, strokes and heart attacks. While everyone always says they will take it easy, most of us secretly believe we are superhuman. For me the best and most natural fitness is just to walk everyday, the human body was only designed to run for short distances to hunt or escape being hunted. I’m a big fan of dynamic tension, so everyday I do a small number of stretching/flexing and tension movements, this and moisturising with cocoa butter seems to help keep the dreaded stretch marks at bay. I think everyone is responsible for their own health, my personal life experience has made it impossible to trust doctors and the NHS, so prevention in my eyes is the best and only real option.

Below: I will update my weights and measurements every month, my weight will be updated on the 1st, measurements on the 28th. I see little point in measuring any more, as I find it can become counter productive, especially if things are not going as you hoped. FYI I’m 5’11 (out of heels lol)

Jan 1 2018 –  19.84 stone / 277.76 pounds 
Feb 1 2018 –  18.84 stone / 263.76 pounds

Jan 28th 2018
Stomach at belly button: 50’’/127cm   Thigh: 27’’/68.58cm  Neck: 16 1/2’’ / 41.91cm

Sex and Gender Assumptions


For me, two of the biggest misconceptions / assumptions about gender-fluidity are firstly that its something new, secondly all people that cross-dress are gender-fluid. I reiterate what I have said in previous posts, being genderqueer is more about thoughts and feelings than appearance. Sure people that describe themselves as Genderqueer / gender-fluid can and do wear clothes from both male and female wardrobes, but they don’t have to, there are no rules. Society is always very very slow to realise this. For example even in our so called ‘enlightened’ times many still hang on the idea that gays and lesbians can only sound or act a certain way.

It would be fair to say that it is our assumptions that hold our world back and keep our minds closed. It is often the case that even those that claim to fight for freedom and equality are just as quick to pass assumptions on others when it comes to how they look. Clothes, makeup, nail/ hair length and even the colours they wear are used to often wrongly pigeonhole and discredit people. These assumption are really outdated rude and sexist. FYI Women that attack other women because they make a living off their appearance are just as sexist as any man.

The guy that rolls down the window to wolf whistle the sexy long haired blonde in the tight jeans only to discover, in fact it is a male heavy metal fan bears out that our limited view of the world is deeply flawed. Our small minded judgements are the same reason true equality is still decades off.

Sure gender-fluid sounds strange and sadly derives much ridicule, the name may be new, but the feeling of being gender-fluid has always been with us . Think about it, not all those bullied Sissy boys and Tomboy girls of the last century grew out of it, nor did they identify as, or become gay or lesbian. They were the others, the outcasts without a label, who felt and expressed life differently because human experiences simply aren’t or have never been that cut and dry.

So when you see a beautiful girl who is ‘obviously’ a boy, a strong looking man who is ‘obviously’ a girl, don’t assume anything about their sex or gender. If you do you will probably not only be wrong, but also even if you have the best intentions cause embarrassment and offence. This stuff is difficult for all of us, we can feel like we are all walking on egg shells, but if we take it slow we can start up meaningful dialogues with each other. If you don’t know if someone is a he/she/they etc, then simple smile and say hello how are you or hello how can I help you. Be friendly, be nice and assume nothing.